iOS 13又有新功能被曝光,安全而快捷,想让用户主动升级

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New features in iOS 13 are exposed: safe and fast, would you consider upgrading?

Since the WWDC2019 conference on June 4th, the new features of the new system iOS 13 have become the most concerned about many fruit powders, and Apple has launched several developer betas of iOS 13, which have been updated to date. Beta 3, many new features have been exposed.



Just yesterday, on July 8, the latest news said that Apple will add new features in iOS 13. What new features? You should know that you must enter your account password when you log in to iColoud. For example, I often forget my password. Finally, Apple figured it out, and will add a face ID or Touch ID to iOS 13 and MacOS to log in. This means that you will not need to enter your account password when you log in to iColoud. You can log in directly with Face ID or Touch ID. Compared with the traditional landing method, it is safer and faster. Many fruit powders also comment: For this function, I am willing to upgrade more bugs!


iColoud login

In fact, for Apple's iPhone, the domestic reputation in the last two years is slowly declining, but we have to admit that the iPhone is still the leader in the mobile phone industry in terms of security and speed. In particular, security is hardly comparable to domestic mobile phone manufacturers.

So the question is coming, will you upgrade the system as a fruit powder? why? Welcome to the rational discussion in the message area!